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Pa-O #4, Myanmar 100g (Filter)

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REGION: Pin Laung

FARM: Smallholder Farmers

VARIETAL: Mixed Variety


ALTITUDE: 1370-1500 masl

PRODUCER: Behind the Leaf 


We taste oranges, jasmine tea, chocolates and has a light body.

We're absolutely glad we were able to purchase from the PaO community again, last year we were pleasantly surprised at how specialty grade Myanmar coffees were tasting. This year when the chance came up to visit the farms, we made it a point to go visit.

We were in Myanmar earlier this year to visit the coffee farms and producers that we bought from last year. This coffee stood out when we cupped it, slight florals in the aroma, with orange and jasmine  tasting notes. From what we saw at the farms and talking to the producers, we know they are committed to quality and producing the best coffees possible.