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Alvaro Gomez, Colombia, Espresso

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Alvaro Gomez

REGION: Buescaco, Narino

FARM: El Bosque

VARIETAL: Castillo

PROCESSING: Fully Washed + CM

ALTITUDE: 1900-2000 masl

PRODUCER: Alvaro Gomez



Our partners at Cofinet recently brought in some fresh crop Colombian coffees. We felt this coffee really stood out from the samples we got. This coffee went thru an additional processing, Carbonic Maceration or CM, read more about it here. Alvaro and family achieves this by placing cherries in grainpro bags and adding CO2 into the bags, after that cherries are pulped, washed and dried on raised beds.



We taste sweet citrus fruits like oranges, peach tea, cinnamon , has a sweet floral/perfumed fragrance, a candy like sweetnesss and has a medium syrupy body.