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Luis Anibal, Colombia, Filter

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REGION: Acevedo, Huila

FARM: Betulia

VARIETAL: Orange bourbon

PROCESSING: Honey + Carbonic Maceration

ALTITUDE: 1700-2000 masl

PRODUCER: Luis Anibal


 A very special coffee we tasted recently and would like to share with you. A rare varietal, the orange bourbon is a mutation of the red bourbon, its cherries have a distinct peach/pink colour and are sometimes refer to as pink Bourbons. Orange/Pink bourbons are hard to produce consistently, read more about the bourbon variety here

This coffee went through an additional process, before drying the coffees, they were sit to ferment in a relatively low oxygen environment, this process leads to some interesting flavours developing in the coffee. Read more about this process here.

This coffee has loads of fruits flavours, we taste wintermelon, red apples, oranges, dried fruits akin to prunes, has an aroma that reminds us of red dates, and a sweetness reminiscent of soft chewy candies.